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Multiactiv is a home cosmetics brand known for following the trends and innovations in the field of skin care, and over 20 years of experience has become the only innovation in the world.

By the way specially designedog technologicalog procedureathe benefits of medicinal plants are transmitted if tea and special cosmetic formulations are created. Very effective, products Multiactive Herbal Infusion lines meet the highest standards bbeauty industry. No color or fragrance was added to the products, a they are characterized by an airy texture suitable for all skin types and ages. Essential components medicinal herbs used to make tea mixes It originates from the touches of the landscape of our town, a etan he used what the production of this line is more recyclable material.


You’ve probably heard it beforei About the benefits of teenage medicine used in ancient times, no Many positive effects of their topical application are also known. It was this event that inspired him yes cosmetic brand Multiactive invent a technological procedure that combines the positive effects of chamomile, yarrow, marshmallow, thyme and sage with the effects of modern cosmetic ingredients such as beta glucan, biopeptides, vitamin E, niacinamide, moisturizing complex and allantoin. Enabled in this mode yes Synergistic action of herbal tea infusion rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and essential oils with regenerative, moisturizing and calming action of active ingredients.

As a result of this procedure, they were created MULTIAACTIVE HERBAL INFUSIONS products. Unique in composition and manufacturing technology, them combine the best of nature and the most effective of science to nourish, protect, regenerate and slow down the aging of the skin.



“This is the lightest and most moisturizing cream of the day I’ve tried. It absorbs the skin in a matter of seconds. It refreshes my face beautifully and gives my skin a healthy, shiny look. I’m so happy!”

Milana P.

“I expect the night cream to be heavier than the day cream, but a few hours later my face doesn’t stick to my pillow. I also want to shine in the morning like I slept for 10 hours if for the most part it is reduced to six. Everything I got from Multiactiv Herbal Infusion Night Cream. It is the perfect combination of tea, niacinamide and vitamin E to make my life easier.

Jelena N.

“I was amazed that each Herbal Infusion product has a different blend of herbal teas and active ingredients. Take care of everything three the product does not remove guk too much time, a offers maximum effect. I know that my skin has given me everything I need to stay healthy and balanced. wthat’s what you see. “

Dragana C.

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Tamara K. she has problematic facial skin and is challenged with acne. “I am happy to have tried the new line of Herbal Infusions. I was especially pleased that chamomile and niacinamide are part of this line, ideal ingredients for problem skin like mine. ”

“Looking at the list of ingredients, my expectations as a long-time user of Multiactiv cosmetics were not low. But the first encounter with the Herbal Infusion collection really moved me. My favorite is facial tonic. Wonderful!”

Biljana M.

“It simply came to our notice then a dozen In the days of using Herbal Infusion, the results are already visible. ”

Sofia D.

“I don’t think anyone would like a collection of herbal infusions. I would recommend everyone to try this innovative herbal infusion. The formulations exceeded all my expectations. i I’m sure it will be part of my routine for a long time to come. ”

Ana J.

Try it and you Multiactive Herbal Infusion gather and enjoy well-groomed and radiant skin every day.


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