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PH value of the skin

The pH value of the skin will take us back to school – in biology class. But it’s important – if you haven’t already – to master this material well to avoid a number of skin problems.

pH values ​​can affect our gynecological health, intestinal health, but also skin health. PH-targeted skin care products are increasingly restoring the pH balance, according to its creators, to improve the appearance and overall health of the skin. And with a dizzying array of beauty components that satisfy the beauty world, it can be very difficult to decipher exactly what each one does. So keep reading to find out more about how and why pH approach helps keep skin healthy and balanced.

The pH value of the skin under a magnifying glass

What exactly is pH?

Let’s go back to biology class! pH (or potential hydrogen) is the scale used to determine whether a substance is acidic or basic. In chemical terms, a value of seven is considered neutral. When the pH value is up to 7, it is an acidic environment, and if it is above 7, it is the basic environment. For example: with a pH of two – lemon juice is sour, with a pH of seven – the water is neutral, and with pH 11 it is alkaline bleach.

What should the pH of the skin be?

About a hundred years ago, the skin was found to be relatively acidic. Its normal pH value is around 5.5. This slightly acidic composition helps to “repel” unwanted bacteria and contaminants. The skin is protected by an acidic coating: a protective paper on the surface made up of lipids and amino acids that keep it hydrated and healthy.

What can affect skin pH?

Healthy and acidic pH of the skin can be disturbed by various factors, such as pollution, cosmetics, sun exposure, sweat, detergents … All of these factors can damage the acidic skin and cause skin problems.

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What happens when the pH of the skin is out of balance?

If your skin becomes too alkaline, it can cause dryness and wrinkles. This can exacerbate other symptoms of skin aging. It is important to make sure that your skin does not become too acidic to prevent redness and irritation.

What can you do to restore your skin’s optimal pH value?

To avoid balancing your skin’s pH value, choose the focus: “Less is more.” Avoid harsh skin care products, wash your face twice a day and never leave SPF. Using a mild cleanser can help prevent pH imbalance. Restore skin acidity by adding a balanced pH tonic to your daily care routine. And choose a pH value for cosmetics that is close to 5.5 times the natural pH of your skin.

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