What is the Curly Girl method, how does it affect the hair and why is it so popular

Curly Girl method

Have you heard of the Curly Girl method? If you have curly hair, this is the text for you.

Author: Nina Baljak

It is well known that maintaining curly hair is much more difficult and easier to detect the harmful effects of dryers and inappropriate hair care products.

However, although it is certainly different from him, curly hair has not been mentioned and studied so often in the past. In the early 2000s, that finally changed, and all thanks to a method devised by hairdresser and curling expert Lorraine Massey. Anamarija Radovčić told us more about this, and this method completely changed and renewed her hair.

– The Curly Girl method (CGM) is one of the methods to care for wavy or curly hair. Designed by Lorraine Massey, she published a book in 2001 Handbook of curly girls. The method is based on the use of shampoos, drying alcohols, silicones, water-insoluble waxes and any form of heat (press, figaro, hair dryer), rough towels and unsuitable hair. brushes. It is recommended cowashing, that is, cleaning only with the conditioner. The method is full of rules and of course we all rule out some of them. But, the most important thing is to adapt to yourself – Anamarija points out and added that she learned about this method from a friend with curly hair.

– After trying the method for several months, we got together for coffee, and I was amazed at its change. I wanted the same thing, so I “curled up” in it all and realized that there was no going back to the old way of caring for my hair.

With CGM, the drying method is very important. As mentioned, the use of hair dryers, presses and similar aids is avoided. – It is important not to be patient and in a hurry – Anamarija recommends and adds that without organization and time commitment you will not get good results.

– The better you take care of your hair and the more time you dedicate to it, the more durable and beautiful the curls will be. You can use it after washing your hair Plopping i Microplopping method. I apply Plopping an old cotton T-shirt, in which I wrap my hair to better fit the curl. Microplopping It is a method of curling hair with a cotton T-shirt to take in excess water and products. Plopping it takes about twenty minutes and then her hair with a dry diffuser, she noted.

In addition to washing your hair with preparations that do not contain harmful ingredients (Micro) plopping, it is important to find a suitable diffuser. If you have shorter hair, a smaller diffuser is enough, while longer hair needs more.

– Do not use too hot air, do not blow too much hair and surround the diffuser gently around the hair. Actors around the thread, which is a protective pouch that we “break” using a few drops of oil after the hair has completely dried out – Anamarija recommends. – Some of the products I like to use are Bounce to lighten a smooth curl shampoo, Boucleme bushes For the head I use once a month, Umberto Gianini curl repair shampoo and conditioner. Then Leave it inside conditioners, which are conditioners that you put on and don’t wash after washing, and are my favorites As I am,, Giovanni, Curly Bounce. They are my favorite hair gels Ecoslay orange jam i Curlsmith Hydro Style Flexi Jelly. Olaplex No3 it is a very important product for all those who are afraid of curls – said Anamarija, who has undergone a great transformation through this method.

Everyone who wants to try this method is advised to get to know their hair as soon as possible and start with medication products.

– Do not use the product because it is used by someone else. Try it and don’t be afraid to refuse a product that doesn’t suit your hair.

He added that the process takes a lot of time and needs to be sustainable. A change in her hair was seen two months later.

– I can say that my porosity is already changing, that my hair is much healthier, and I see a big difference in the thickness of my hair. At the moment, it makes it even harder for me than at the beginning, because my hair is changing and now a lot of old products no longer fit me, I am researching new ones.

What is even more important is that the hair is changed through the CGM process and that is precisely why it is important to change the care products. The damaged hair and the CGM itself requires some products from you, after a few months you will need others. The secret components of this method, however, are hidden in the person who wants to try it, and that is the will, perseverance and dedication.

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