What is the easiest way to create this look?

lip powder

Dusty lips became especially popular at the time we started wearing masks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed us a lot. In addition to the ways of thinking and values ​​we value today, we have also changed the way we dress, as well as our makeup routine. Now the goal is to make our clothes comfortable and fashionable. At the same time, makeup should be durable, especially when wearing masks.

That’s why we’re introducing you to a new way of making up lips that has become very popular lately. The goal is to have colored lips, without the fear of spilling lipstick or passing it to another part of the face, wearing masks.

Lip powder – how to get this look?

The effect of lip powder is very charming, and the lips do not look dry, as is the case with some matte and long-lasting lips. But how do you achieve that effect?

First mark the lips with a pencil and then apply the desired lip color. Wet the graffiti with a cloth or a cloth.

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Then, on a cloth or cloth, on a lip brush (or on a sponge), place the powder on the stone. In this case the fabric serves as a filter.

And voila! You get the effect of lip powder, in which it is colored, without fear of removing the lipstick or wearing a mask.

Although the process may seem complicated, it’s not really, and if you try this look, we think you won’t regret it!

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