What Jennifer Aniston Eats: The Daily Star of the Famous Star

What Jennifer Aniston eats

Do you know what Jennifer Aniston eats to keep her in good shape in the sixth decade? We explain its daily menu below.

Jennifer Aniston is one of those stars who can always talk and surprise us over and over again. From our health and fitness routine, which we eat every day, we want to know what makes this actor look so good, in his sixth decade.

Read on and … We bring you Jennifer Aniston style formula

In addition to meditation and yoga, washing her face every night, Jennifer follows a very healthy diet. And here’s what each of his meals looks like.

What Jennifer Aniston Eats – Daily Menu


When I get up, I drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Then I eat a smoothie or avocado with eggs. I add a little coconut oil, and sometimes I eat cereal with banana or white peeled oats.

Belanca started eating when she was having fun with Justin Theroux.

He taught me that we need to include a little protein in every meal. When I cook the porridge, while it’s still hot, I add the whipped cream. This way, the porridge got a foamy structure and is much tastier, he said.

And what kind of smoothie does Jennifer like?

I put some kind of protein in the smoothiebanana, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, some green vegetables, poppy powder and a little cocoa.

Lunch and dinner

Jennifer chooses simple dishes for lunch and dinner. It is mostly a type of protein-rich vegetable or salad. He eats the same thing as lunch for dinner, and sometimes eats chicken burgers wrapped in lettuce.


Even when he is hungry between meals, the actor tries to maintain his diet. However, when he is very hungry, he eats an apple with a little almond butter, or just an apple. Sometimes he eats nuts. He also likes to snack on raw vegetables with a hard-boiled egg.

Scam day

Yes, this star also breaks her diet from time to time, and her weak point is pasta. He especially likes carbon, which he makes with eggs, parmesan and bacon.

Besides, Jennifer can’t stand pizza, and she even has her own oven.

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