What shades will be successful this season?

Winter manicure

Winter manicure, in addition to special attention, also includes new fresh shades.

In winter, our skin dries out, so we need more attention. The same goes for the skin of the hands as well as around the nails. Tip for lubricating nails and surrounding skin with nourishing oil. Only then will each manicure be perfect.

Now that the problem of nail health has been solved by themselves, it is time to beautify it. Here’s what stylists suggest for this winter when it comes to nail colors.

Winter manicure and the most popular colors of this season


A bold, creamy shade of red is perfect for a winter holiday opening, right?


The subtle glow in the form of sequins is essential this season, especially when it comes to the craziest night. A little glamor is no doubt!


Fresh dark purple tones are striking, but can easily be combined with other outfits. Emphasize, be unique, but not offensive.


A gloomy, cold winter does not have to be disappointing. Give your day a little color with the help of white, snow and cream tones.

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If you like white chocolate, white coffee or caramel, you can freely enjoy these magical shades on your nails.

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