What was the first sustainable fashion show in Serbia like?

sustainable fashion show

The first Serbian fashion show was held in a very glamorous edition Crowded town hall event hall, organized by the agency Factory.

Famous Serbian creators Igor Todorović and Verica Rakočević presented sustainable fashion collections for the first time, and Tbitter Jarić, which has already achieved a significant international trajectory, especially in the United States, has been successfully pursuing sustainable fashion for a long time.

This sustainable fashion show was somehow “historic,” but everyone will surely remember it for the unique atmosphere of the audience. Not only did the end of the three shows, each model of the model received a standing ovation, and the creators applauded.

A fascinating face of sustainable fashion

The aim of this fashion show is to promote sustainable fashion, which is already widespread all over the world and involves at least a certain percentage of the world’s designers. Sustainable fashion is a movement, but it has become essential in the struggle to take care of the planet. According to official statistics, 10% of the harmful gases that pollute the planet are produced by the fashion industry. The organizers wanted to make the public aware of the concept and importance of sustainable fashion and to start applying it in Serbia, thanks to the fame of Verica Rakočević, Igor Todorović and Tamara Jarić, as well as their reputation. worked in sustainable collections for other Serbian fashion designers and houses. Given the media campaign and the reaction of the audience, this goal will be achieved very soon.

At the end of each fashion show, the creators not only bowed to the audience, but also gave a perspective on sustainable fashion and how to apply it in their collections, which further clarified the concept of sustainable fashion with many aspects and possibilities.

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sustainable fashion show sustainable fashion show

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