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Bed shopping guide
This guide to buying a bed would not have been possible if we were moving through Instagram, if we hadn’t noticed the profile of The Zorya brand, which offers sheets, blankets and pillows, individually and hand-cut and sewn with serbian. Olja Hrustić and Dušanka Petrović’s dedication and love for the work done by the creators of this brand were the reason we wanted to know as much as possible about the beds.

– An idea Zoryu it was created a long time ago, because we have always liked to create beautiful things for the home, for architecture, for design, for interior design – Olja has revealed to us. – We also love all these fabrics and tangible things, in addition to sight, so we can enjoy them sensually. Things that contribute to quality of life.

– Perfection and detail are our priority. We use Egyptian men’s cotton and European linen of the highest quality, and the manual and individual production of our bed is flawless, patient, paying close attention to quality, design and every millimeter.

We asked Olja what to look for when buying a bed.

Remember that these five items will save you time and money the next time you renew your sheets, pillowcases, and bed covers.

Bed shopping guide

# 1 Keep up the good content

“When choosing a bed, I follow my feelings first,” Olja reveals. – Do I like it when I look at it and feel it under my arm. Do some colors or patterns make me happy or relaxed? Do I like the texture of the fabric? We sleep in beds and dream, the mind is calm and the body needs to be pleasant and comfortable.

# 2 Pay attention to the material

The choice of material is very important. It is recommended to choose 100% natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, tencel. They are light, airy, mild in winter and cool in summer. However, Olja emphasizes:

– There are also great differences between natural materials depending on the origin of the quality, the crop, the textile, etc. But I think the quality is easily recognizable.

# 3 Check what the craft is like

We sleep almost a third of our lives, so it’s important to invest in quality that lasts.

– Fine sewn beds (flawless) last for years as well as decades – Olja explains and gives very practical advice: – If you do not like ironing, choose linen or washed cotton, as their taste is slightly crushed. look.

# 4 Make sure it matches the interior design

“I would always recommend choosing a bed that fits inside the bedroom,” says Olja.

After all, a new bed – a different color and design than you’re used to – is probably the easiest and easiest way to change your interior.

# 5 Mthe ability to return the bed if it doesn’t suit us

This is a very important element, as the price of the bed is not reasonable, so we are sure that we want to be satisfied with the money invested. We asked Olja what their practice is when it comes to returning. – If you do not comply with the order for any reason Zorya bed and if not used, you can return it within fourteen days. For the territory of Serbia, we offer you free shipping.

– In November, we are opening an exhibition salon in Dorcol; so welcome to visit and see and feel our bed directly and soon to other home fabrics.

Bed maintenance recommendations

  • Wash at a temperature of up to 40% (that is, the temperature is high enough to kill bacteria and not destroy the fibers of natural materials).
  • Natural drying or, in the case of machine drying, at low temperatures.
  • Use more and more natural cleansers in our market today and we can make them ourselves.
  • Do not use fabric softener (quality natural materials are naturally softened when used). For a pleasant scent, you can drop essential oils on the bed.
  • Do not use bleach because it destroys materials. In summer, the sun is the best bleach.

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Maja Stanojevic through The Zory

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