Which diet is best for me?

which diet is best
Sometimes it seems to us that it is very difficult for each of us to understand which diet is the most difficult to answer. We come across so much different information that we are often confused. That is why we have asked nutritionist Marija Đurković to answer this question. Sure to read, it’s important!
Marija Đurković
In the sea of ​​diets and diets that you can find on the internet, you’ve probably tried a lot of them – keto, chrono, UN, MMA, lemon diet, cabbage diet, etc.

And you’ve probably noticed that all of them give you results in the beginning, but since all instant diets are very low in calories, don’t fit your lifestyle and pace of life, you give up very quickly and go back to old habits.

And how do you determine which one is best for you?

A diet that is sustainable for the long term is the right choice for you.

If you don’t cook every day for chores and work and spend half a day in the kitchen on a certain diet, you will give up very quickly as it is not sustainable for you.

If you like sweets a lot, and in some diets you completely eliminate desserts from your diet, you will come back very quickly and are very likely to overdo it with sweets, to “fix” everything “lost”.

If you don’t like avocados, and are often represented in a certain diet, you’ll quickly give up because you don’t enjoy that meal.

Changing habits – gradually

Sure, some habits need to be changed if you want to improve your appearance and health, but these are not necessarily radical changes.

It’s enough to try to change a bad habit every week.

First week prepare, eat everything your family eats, but in moderation, without filling and “chopping” between meals.

Other weeks Increased fluid intake by drinking more water, lemonade and tea.

Third week walk in at least 3 times a week.

Fourth week Reduce juices, snacks, sweets …

Small changes will give big results.

Be patient and persistent.

Marija Đurković is a nutritionist by profession. He graduated from the Medical School of Vocational Studies in Belgrade and then took part in a course organized by the Vojvodina Leisure and Fitness Association and obtained a certificate as a nutrition and supplement nutrition and fitness consultant. In December 2017, he opened a nutrition consulting center in Nova Pazova, where many of his clients have gone from desire to goal. Maria hopes that all of them will bring a passion for healthy eating and healthy living habits from the counseling center. As of July 1, 2020, the counseling center will operate elsewhere in Block A of New Belgrade.

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