White eyeliner will dominate the spring makeup scene!

white pencil

White eyeliner will be the focus this spring, and not just on the inside edges of the eyes, so we can thank Dior.

The white pencil is not a new makeup tool. Most of you are probably already using it. In addition to highlighting the look and giving freshness to the whole face, it visually enlarges the eyes. For everyday make-up, it is best to use matte options, and for evening make-up, it is recommended to use pearl make-up. However, for the spring / summer of 2022, Dior designed and interpreted another variant on the theme of the white pencil. In other words, it is the opposite cat’s eye look. Will you dare to try it?

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The white pencil in a new interpretation

How do you get that look?

Apply a creamy, pigmented white pencil along the water line and under the eye, and then blend into the roots of the eyelashes to create the effect of a white-gray veil. Then reach for a matte pencil; to create a straight, graphic line under the eye, and to look like a “white block” to a line drawn before connecting. But this was not done without reason! In fact, in Dior shows, the mask is often overlooked in the story, as classic makeup – like eyeliner – makes it a little more conceptual and not sexier.

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