Who are the most stylized women of 2021? L&Z voting is underway!

The most stylized ladies of 2021

Who are the most stylized women of 2021?

The end of the year is closer than expected, and among other things, we followed the domestic and foreign public scene the previous year. In addition to reporting on the career news of celebrities, we shared their tips, secrets of success, beauty and fitness routines …

Of course, the inexhaustible source of inspiration for us was the fashion combinations worn by the stars in the previous era. We were interested in whether they followed established fashion trends, or even introduced novelties. And some of them, we admit, have become our fashion models.

Who do you think are the most stylized women of 2021? Who would you like to see more often in our fashion rubies? Now you have the choice of your favorite!

The most stylized women in 2021.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Kate Hudson

Gwen Stefani

Rose Byrne

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Chastain

Jennifer Aniston

Cate Blanchett


Bela Hadid

Djidji Hadid

Haley Bieber


Jennifer Lopez


Lena Kovacevic

Marija Karan

Jelisaveta Oraščanin

Tamara Kalinic

Milica Mandic

Katarina Radivojevic

Milena Radulovic

Tamara Dragicevic

Mirjana Karanovic

Jovana Joximovic

Branka Katic

Ines Jankovic

Sarah Jovanovic

Nina Jankovic


lepotaizdravlje.rsDDoan via Shutterstock; Liam Goodner via Shutterstock; Ovidiu Hrubaru via Shutterstock

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