Who is Matilda Djerf and why are they all in love with her style?

Matilda Djerf

Matilda Djerf is the supreme IT girl, and why she became so famous, we explain below.

Social media is full of fashion agents, but in this sea of ​​trendsetters, one name stood out: Matilda. This girl has more than two million followers on Instagram, and more than 640 thousand followers on TikTok. Thanks to his fame, he also launched his own brand, Djerf Avenue.

Matilda Djerf and dress style

Every time we look at his publication, we look at a picture that could be an inspiration for future ways of dressing. And why everyone is so obsessed with it, we try to convey it below.

Little pink dress

Spring has arrived, which includes increasingly popular mini dresses. More striking colors are in vogue, and pink is one of my favorites. With a dress like this, wear a oversized blazer and add colorful heels.

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Unexpected weather

We are accustomed to bringing temperature fluctuations in the spring. But don’t worry, grab a big knitted sweater from the closet and tie it with cargo pants. Switching from sneakers to heels also gives you a great evening look.

A new meaning for business leisure

Matilda likes the usual looks and the trendy ones, but she also likes to break the rules. Wear a white dress with a dark blazer and decorate it with unusual shoes.

A monochrome moment

The white pants are re-inserted and can be combined in a variety of ways. Choose a cream sweater and white coat this spring.

Everything is in a blazer

There’s a reason Matilda loves blazers and often puts them in her outfits. Elegant, varied and change their look easily and quickly. Choose a oversized blazer (borrowed from your partner or father) and pair it with shorts and a shirt.

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