Who responded best to this year’s fashion theme?

With the Gala 2022

The 2022 Matt Gala addressed the topic of fashion anthology in the 19th and 20th centuries. as a tribute to the history of American fashion of the twentieth century. And we were interested in who the best dressed ladies were.

The most popular and highly regarded event, the Matt Gala, has been held since 1948, when it was founded by Eleanor Lambert. Initially, socially important people gathered that evening, and slowly, the guests became celebrities in the show business.

Since 1995, Ana Wintour has been organizing events, and every year, the stars outdo themselves when it comes to fashion choices. This year’s theme is an anthology of fashion from the 19th and 20th centuries in America. And here’s how the stars responded to this issue.

With the Gala 2022.

Blake Lively

The most striking detail of his style was undoubtedly the tiara. And to get all the attention on this crown, the makeup artist Christopher Buckle emphasized her bronze cheeks.

Vanessa Hajins

Vanessa was the host of the event and decided to be different from the rest of the guests. Her hairdresser Daniel Prijano made an unusual bun using striking extensions and bowls.

Kaja Gerber

Great hair for a great evening out. The model let go of her wonderful hair and added trendy haircuts to her side. This year, the middle section is the most popular, so we are not surprised that Kayak decided on this hairstyle. The black dress revealed everything, and it revealed nothing. Vanessa overcame herself.

Venus Williams

Venus opted for the Gothic style, and the braids made by Niki Nelms were worth a moment. Venus opted for a classic suit and showed that this way you can also attract attention and not need to wear a ball.

Amber Valletta

A short bob, a piece in the middle and a gold eyeliner, as well as a dress molded in the golden age of Hollywood, made this model one of the best dressed this evening.

Alicia Keys

For a while, Alicia didn’t wear makeup and so she joined the #naturalbeauty movement and empowered women all over the world. However, she decided to have more glamor for an event like this. Aja’s Yoshimura made her look perfectly in line with this year’s theme. And a wonderful sequined dress is a story in itself.

Megan Di Stalion

Megan loves the dramatic look, so this event was perfect for her. Her makeup artist Lauren Child opted for black eyeliner, gold bronze and liquid metallic eye shadow.

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Dav Cameron

A sharp eyeliner was enough to take our breath away, but Dave didn’t stop there. Her hair had a futuristic look, which matched perfectly with her futuristic romantic dress, all that was required of the 2022 Met Gala stars!

Tessa Thompson

When her eyes could kill her … Tessa chose a monochrome make-up that matched Carolina Herera’s pink dress perfectly.

Jiji Hadid

Modern color, unusual combination and certainly a spectacular choice … All of this caused Gigi to attract attention last night.

Sarah Jessica Parker

We didn’t expect anything less glamorous from this fashion icon.

Kylie Jenner

It was something between a wedding dress and a fairy ball gown that Kyle chose for this year’s Met Gala. Smooth, romantic, and certainly not ready for anything to do with this reality star.

Kim Kardashian

Kim opted for classic Hollywood glamor, and this time dyed her hair platinum blue.

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