Why are fake eyelashes the perfect ally for makeup?

artificial eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes have been in the spotlight for a long time. Our saranica shows you everything you need to know about their selection, as well as their application.

False eyelashes are the best ally for makeup. If you choose the right model (depending on the shape of your eyes and the effect you want to achieve), they will visually change the shape of your eyes and hide some flaws. You can wear them on your own (without shadows, eye liners and masks), and look fresh and rested, or “make-up”. In addition, artificial eyelashes can visually enhance the eyes, make them more open and make them look more attractive and penetrating. And in order to achieve all these benefits, it is necessary to master the correct technique of application (gluing) in addition to choosing the right ones.

False eyelashes: an expert guide

There are many models of natural or synthetic hair shakers on the market today. They can be short, medium, long, individual (single batch) or partial (on a tape); ranging from smooth (designed for lighter everyday makeup) to thicker, more dramatic 3D shakes. to achieve the desired length and extreme volume and that, you will admit, is the dream of almost all of us.

Depending on the shape of the eye …

When choosing the right model, follow these rules …

  • If your eyes are round, choose eyelashes that are longer at the outer edges.
  • Almost all models of artificial eyelashes belong to the almond-shaped eye. In general, this shape is the most appreciated when it comes to choosing shakes.
  • If your eyelid problem is falling out, choose eyelashes with the longest hair in the middle and the shortest at the ends.
  • Long, dramatic eyes will fit well, with larger eyes with prominent orbital bone.
  • When the eye slit is invisible (as in Asian women), the perfect choice will be a lighter, more fluffy pattern.
  • With small eyes it is desirable to use individual eyelashes.

Shake the individuals

With individual shakes, a more natural look is achieved. If you choose this model, you can control and determine their length and density. The only downside to this type of lashes, so to speak, is that they need more time to stick compared to standard lashes on the tape, as it is necessary to glue a bunch at a time and wait until each of them. stick.dry at least a little (to prevent it from slipping in the wrong direction and twisting). That’s why if you’re in a hurry, it’s best not to think about them either.

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How to paste?

When you have finished closing your eyes, removing the eye liner and mascara (you can also apply them after pasting the lashes), follow these steps:

1. Shorten the false eyelashes, which are of course longer than your shaking line, cutting off the excess bundles on the outside with scissors.

2. Then curl them with an eyelash curler. See why this step is important …

3. Apply glue evenly throughout the strip of shakes.

4. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry.

5. Look down (as when drawing an eyeliner).

6. Along the root of the lashes, with tweezers or fingers, glue the artificial lashes starting from the middle. Then glue the outer end, and then the inner.

See the full procedure in the next video …

On the eve of the craziest night, I suggest a “bolder” version. “

The end result will certainly not go unnoticed, as this small and bold detail will set you apart from the crowd.


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