Why should vitamin serums be on the shelf of your cosmetics?

vitamin serums

Vitamin serums are an effective skin rejuvenating resource and can be found in the La Roche-Posay brand portfolio.

Vitamin serum brand La Roche-Posay – new Retinol B3, Hyalu B5 i Pure vitamin C10 serum – contains vitamins A, B and C, as well as other powerful ingredients that set the gold standard in the fight against wrinkles. “Basically, the real care against aging starts at the age of 25 and 30, until then it is enough to hydrate the skin well and protect it from the sun. After 30 years, we introduce some of the most important molecules, such as retinol, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a large molecule and is a major component of our extracellular matrix, and its main function is hydration. Vitamin C reduces wrinkles, as well as increases the appearance of “rough” skin and collagen production. Although retinol is another powerful ally in the fight against skin aging, its use significantly reduces wrinkles as well as deepening, brightens breasts and blemishes, flattens skin color and texture, stimulates collagen and elastin production, improves skin tone and circulation. . , which gives us a healthy color, ”says Dr. Nevenka Dokmanović, a partner in the brand. La Roche-Posay. The doctor, as the winning couple, recommends it Pure vitamin C10 serum morning, a Hyalu B5 serum as night care. Or even for a better effect – Hyalu B5 serum morning, a Retinol B3 in the afternoon.

La Roche-Posay Vitamin Serums: How Do They Work?

Thanks to hyaluronic acid, Hyalu B5 serum (1) moisturizes the skin and gives it a full appearance, making it softer to the touch and soothing thin lines and wrinkles, Pure vitamin C10 (2) It brightens the skin and flattens the texture and skin with pure vitamin C, salicylic acid and neurosensin. On the other hand, it is new to strengthen our daily routine in the fight against dark spots, deep wrinkles, irregular tones and photoaging. Retinol B3 serum (3), which – thanks to the formulation of retinol, a well-known molecule recommended by dermatologists around the world in the fight against aging – helps to regenerate the skin.

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What is the secret to the effectiveness of retinol in treating wrinkles?

As you get older, you will see wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. This is partly due to uncontrollable genetic factors – about 30 percent of them, which slow down the renewal of skin cells. More importantly, the skin also ages due to an external process that alters the natural structure of the skin, known as photoaging. Precisely because of this, the brand La Roche-Posay he launched a new one B3 Retinol a serum containing a dermatological molecule – retinol, which directs the signs of photoaging for a long time. Retinol, that is, retinoids, are derived from vitamins that are found naturally in the skin, and when incorporated into the formulation of face care products, they provide effective results in the fight against wrinkles, uneven skin and provide an effective solution against skin aging. . Because it is photosensitive, retinol should only be used in night care. Of course, it is recommended to use a protective factor before each sun exposure, even on a clear day..


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