Will he return or not?

Where is Samantha in the sequel to the series "Sex and the city

Everyone who watched the trailer wondered where Samantha was in the sequel to the “Sex and the City” series. And now we know the answer to that question.

The sequel to “Sex and the City” series “And Just Like That” will premiere on December 9 on HBO Max. Trailers and teasers are already circulating on the Internet, and the news that the TV series is returning to small screens has created a lot of dust.

Because millions of people have grown up with the main characters or many are now interested in how they live in the 50’s … Whatever the reason, many of us are looking forward to December 9th.

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Where is Samantha in the sequel to the “Sex and the City” series

However, what surprised and disappointed him the most was that Samantha was not in the series. According to the media, actor Kim Katral refused to continue filming the TV series. Although some speculate that it was the result of a quarrel with other actors, some sources say that Kim does not see the purpose of continuing with this story.

Before announcing the sequel to the TV series, Kimi was asked by reporters if he would shoot a sequel to the series Sex and the city, and said:

– Never. A big “no” from me. You learn many lessons throughout your life. And I learned that I only need to work with good people and have fun.

And how do you explain the lack of one of the main characters in the series itself? According to the producers, the character Samantha is currently in London, where she lives and works.

It didn’t make sense to let Samantha live in New York accidentally without meeting Carrie, Miranda or Charlotte. There was no option to send him to Los Angeles, as he was there in the first film. Therefore, the logical consequence is to stay out of the United States, according to production circles.

Thus, the character was not “killed” and left to return, if Kim decides so.

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